About Us

Amani IP network is a close knit partnership of legal professionals in the areas of intellectual property (IP) and TMT law in East Africa. Amani IP network firms work together in providing a one-stop-shop solution for clients doing business across Central and East Africa.

Amani IP network reach at the local, regional and international levels, connectivity with key stakeholders, and deep knowledge of doing business locally and across borders allows it to provide seamless and effective legal, advisory and transactional services across the continent. Our high level of integration is achieved by adherence to shared values and an emphasis on excellence. The network aims to gradually expand to other regions of Africa.

Our firms share best practices in business generation, pricing, project management, knowledge management, technology, and information security. All firms conform to a ‘signature standard’ characterized by a level of quality and responsiveness. The implementation of common service standards and procedures means that clients who do business.

Amani IP Network gets the best that the respective individual IP departments offers under the same umbrella.
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